360° approach to the client

At ep tools the client and the solution are the focal point – regardless of whether we are dealing with a development project or trading products.

Solution-oriented and easily accessible

You can expect a solution-oriented, easily accessible partner, who is willing to engage in consistent dialogue and to develop and improve on an ongoing basis. You will experience a partner that creates results to your benefit and they are ready to walk the extra mile to ensure that you get the best possible solution. In other words – in ep tools you have a partner who sees your project from every angle and whose focal point is you and your project.

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Initial contact phase

At ep tools we believe in accessibility. We are available on all kinds of platforms. If you wish to contact us, you are welcome to call or send an email. If you want a consultant to drop by, just book a meeting. And, of course, you are always welcome to check us out on our website.

Research phase

Before we even start to talk about solutions or products, we always LISTEN. We wish to learn as much as we can about your company, your business, your needs and wishes. We believe this is the only way to ensure that we provide guidance and solutions that produce the best results. We like to start with a tour of your company, where we ask questions to identify your company's needs and requirements. We are prepared to meet as often as necessary in the initial phase – quite simply to fully and clearly understand your company's business and needs.

Analysis phase

For the analysis phase, we assemble the best possible team at ep tools. The team then performs a thorough analysis of the task in question. The analysis will include a detailed review of the challenges, requirements and wishes involved. In comparison with the research phase, we will now have a clear and complete task specification in place.

Trading products:
Our consultant analyses the task on the spot. Shortly after, the consultant confers with the client by phone or e-mail. Even when the products in question are specific and more or less standard products, at ep tools we believe it is important that we find the best possible product for the task in question. We devote time and energy especially to the analysis phase – even when the task involves trading products.

Proposals and recommendations

On the basis of the previous phases, ep tools develops one or several proposed solutions, all of which will be appropriate to resolve the task. We substantiate and list the pros and cons of each proposed solution. ep tools also prepares informed and substantiated recommendations as to which of our proposals we believe is best.

All ep tools solutions take environmental and safety-related issues into account.

Proposed solutions and our recommendations will usually be presented at a meeting with the client's decision-makers. We will of course discuss the proposals and it will also be possible to agree to adjustments. This phase usually includes a couple of meetings: the first meeting is a presentation of our proposals and, at the second meeting, we discuss possible adjustments and answer any questions the client may have so that he then has the best possible basis on which to make his final decision.


Selecting a solution

When the client has selected a solution, we offer a service agreement corresponding to the solution in question. 

Budget and technical drawings

Once the client has selected the optimal solution, ep tools begins to calculate and make budgets for the client's use. 

We submit preliminary drawings and a solution description with the budget.

As client, you have two options in this phase: You can chose to give the go-ahead for the solution in its entirety. In this case, we submit concept drawings with the overall budget. Alternatively, you can choose to pay only for drawings and descriptions and have no further obligations. If you wish to pay separately for development, we quote a separate price for this part of the task.

Trading products:
Technical drawings and specifications are submitted to the client for approval along with the budget. This material is usually sent via e-mail to ensure that it can be settled without delay.

Working drawings

When the budget, the preliminary drawings and descriptions are approved by the client, the ep tools R & D division begins to make working drawings.

Approval of working drawings

The client receives working drawings for approval. This is a particularly critical phase as the working drawings, of course, form the basis on which the solution will be produced.

Production and documentation

ep tools starts production in accordance with approved working drawings.

Meanwhile the R & D division begins the process of documenting the products/solution in accordance with applicable and relevant standard and labelling requirements.

Pre-dispatch inspection

Before we send products and equipment to the client, we perform a thorough pre-dispatch inspection. Equipment is tested and we produce documentation to substantiate that everything is fully functional and ready for use. ep tools always delivers thoroughly tested products that are ready to run and meet all agreed wishes and requirements.

Delivery and training

Delivery will be made by agreement, at the agreed time and to the agreed locations. 

We can also agree that, at the time of delivery, ep tools demonstrates the products, holds training courses and other types of product training. Product demonstrations and training courses are designed in accordance with the client's wishes and to correspond with the complexity of the product(s) and solutions concerned. We focus, of course, on how the client uses the products and we help him to make the most of the solution.

Trading products:
If necessary, an ep tools consultant can be called in to demonstrate a product or to instruct operators in its use on delivery. This is often relevant if the client will be using the product for the first time or if the client has new employees who will be using the product.


When your equipment has been operational for some time, ep tools will contact you to ensure that the product and solution continue to meet your expectations.
We want our clients to be completely satisfied! If you have questions, we will answer them and if you need more courses, a product demonstration or further training, we plan these together. If you have adverse criticisms, we resolve these too. At ep tools we pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients are ALWAYS satisfied.           

In the event of redelivery of a product with which the client is conversant or in the event that the client purchases only small products, we will not undertake to follow up as above. However, in general, we maintain a good, honest dialogue with all of our clients.


Your service agreement (if you make one) will come into force as soon as the product or solution has been delivered. We make tailor-made service agreements which are planned in line with the client's wishes and requirements – and of course in accordance with any legal requirements which may apply to servicing the product in question.

Regular training courses

ep tools has a regular programme of training courses which aim to bring clients up to scratch with our products and their applications. We offer open courses, to which you just have to sign up. We also offer tailor-made courses specially adapted to suit the individual client and the products, tasks and projects he uses.

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