Since 1998 ep tools has walked the extra mile to boost our clients' businesses.

Walking the extra mile since 1998

eptools was founded by Ernst Poulsen in 1998. With his background in the wind turbine industry,
Ernst Poulsen caught sight of a need for a supplier who was able to disclose and comprehend clients' specific
needs and deliver solutions rather than just products.

ep tools began supplying torque tools. During the first year, the company expanded into generators and
subsequently lifting equipment.

From trading to service concept

Having worked for some years solely as a trading company, in 2003 ep tools began to offer
services for its products. The idea was not only to offer clients the perfect solution but also to ensure reliable operation.
Ernst Poulsen expanded the company, employing a sales representative and a service assistant.

The concept was successful and the demand grew. By 2006 warehousing and production facilities took up so much space that ep tools
moved into its 1600 m2 warehousing and production facilities in Herning, Denmark. And in 2007, the company expanded again, this time opening a sales office and service division
on the Danish island of Funen.

Most of our clients were in the wind turbine industry, which during this period was shifting more towards offshore.
However, clients in other demanding industries also needed a supplier who was able to
accommodate specific needs and deliver customised solutions. Customers in shipbuilding, mining, steel, building and
construction soon joined ep tools' client portfolio.

Our own R & D division

The number of client-specific and specially designed solutions grew and, and in 2009,
ep tools opened its own R & D division, employing a team of engineers and technical designers to optimise our work
with special designs and to ensure that we remained ahead of the field when it comes to more stringent documentation and certification requirements.

Product rental

In 2011 ep tools began to rent out products so that clients who wished could pay a fixed monthly rental
fee while they use the equipment instead of making a major investment. In the wake of the financial crisis,
the product rental service was well received by our clients and hiring equipment became more popular than we have imagined.

In 2013 ep tools moved to its current location at Industrivej Nord 9B, where we
have a classroom, more warehouse space and better working conditions in the workshop.

eptools currently employs 20 people. The company is owned by Niels G. Langerhuus.


January 2019 eptools will merge with HYTOR, together they will join the competences under the company name HYTOR Tools Solutions A/S

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