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Thanks to the offer of differentiated service, SE will
save on their generator sets


In connection with a restructuring process at SE, service and maintenance of all SE's emergency power generators were centralised. During this process, SE decided to sign a service agreement with ep tools.

Having inspected all SE's generators with SE, ep tools recommended a solution which has both long and short-term benefits. 

In the short term, ep tools undertook a full service and load tests on all the generators. SE subsequently received a comprehensive report presenting a clear picture of the status and capacity of each and every generator.

ep tools then implemented a long-term differentiated service programme, in which generators are serviced individually once a year according to what is needed – no more and no less. We will only replace parts when they really need to be replaced – which means that service bills will be smaller. 



ep tools has also help a series of training courses for SE employed operators to ensure that they know everything they need to know, reducing the risk of errors.

A further risk-reducing initiative which ep tools has performed for SE is labelling of all supply cables. The cables are labelled uniformly on all the generators, which means that the SE personnel can operate any generator at SE. Labelling is 100% protected and durable to avoid costly errors as a result of wear-and-tear on machinery and labels alike.

Individual solutions

ep tools has a wealth of experience in servicing generator sets. We combine our expertise with a thorough survey of the client's needs to produce the best possible recommendations for the project in question.


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