Custom design

Are you faced with special needs and requirements in connection with a generator set, lifting equipment or torque tool? At our in-house R & D division, ep tools has many years of experience in developing and producing custom designs adapted to meet specific client wishes, requirements and needs.
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Custom design

Our custom-designed products in a close cooperation between the client and our R & D division. We start by LISTENING in order to understand the client's wishes and requirements, without which we would be unable to produce the best possible results. Through a close dialogue, ep tools specifies the task and then produces design proposals. 

Over the years the ep tools R & D division has designed a large number of customised solutions, often in cooperation with our clients. We have often been inspired by difficulties encountered on site to create new products for use on building sites, wind turbine sites and in shipyards. Some of our special designs resolve universal problems and are now in production.

  • Mobile hot water jet cleaner

    A hot water jet cleaner with its own generator and water tank. No mains power or water supply required. Forklift pockets. Optional breaker panel, e.g. to connect tools. Can be designed to your specifications.


    Mobile hot water jet cleaner for the LEGOLAND Park

  • Lifting equipment 3.6 mW

    Hydraulic cylinder with adjustable baseplate, can lift at an angle of 6º.
    Specially designed to hoist generators in 3.6 mW wind turbines.
    Can be adapted to other types of wind turbine.

  • Specialised tools

    Specialised tools to tighten stay bolts.

    Time-saving tightening tool – easy to release from the stay bolt by means of a simple reverse turn.
    Available in sizes M33 M36 M42 and can be used with all types of torque wrench.

  • Retaining wrench

    Effective retention, easy, rapid release with one tap on the handle. Saves time in any major torque task.
    Reducing ring is replaceable and available in sizes 60, 70 and 80mm.

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