Mobile hot water jet cleaner for the LEGOLAND Park

In cooperation with the LEGO Group, ep tools has developed and produced a mobile hot water jet cleaner.

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The LEGOLAND Park covers a total area of over 140,000 square metres. With more than 1.6 million visitors a year, the park has to be washed effectively to ensure that it is clean every day in the high season.

In a park of this size, there are areas in which it is not possible to connect either water or power. The LEGO Group contacted ep tools R & D division and requested us to develop an efficient mobile hot water jet cleaner.

The LEGO Group stipulated a number of requirements. ep tools was asked to develop a product that was flexible, efficient and easy to move inside the park, e.g on a forklift truck or on a trailer. 

The finished product is a hot water cleaner fitted inside a strong, compact metallised steel frame, which is fitted with a 1000-litre water tank, a RENO hot water cleaner and a generator to drive it. The hot water cleaner is fitted with a lance and 40 metres of hose.

The hot water cleaner is also equipped with a breaker panel, so that other electrical devices can be connected to the system. The unit can also be connected to the main power supply. This is useful when it is inappropriate to run a generator that produces exhaust fumes.

The hot water cleaner, water tank and generator are fitted inside a strong, metallised steel frame, which protects the equipment when it is handled using a forklift truck or crane.

The hot water jet cleaner is supplied with a comprehensive quick guide, providing step-by-step instructions for using the unit.

Read more about the ep tools R & D division here


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