Generator sets

A generator set that is specially designed to meet a specific task is cost-efficient in the long term. Minimal downtime rates and lowest possible fuel consumption are both factors which affect the bottom-line result. ep tools are experts in producing extremely reliable, custom-designed generator sets.
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Generator sets

ep tools has a wealth of experience in producing generator sets for wind turbine sites, offshore energy, building, construction, emergency power and UPS systems.

The cornerstones of our product range are high-quality Gesan and Inmesol generator sets from 1kVA to 2500 kVA, which we customise to meet specific tasks. We provide guidance and advice on dimensions and design so that you are sure to have the optimum generator set for your specific purpose.

We service and repair generators on a regular basis in line with a service agreement. We ensure that your generator runs perfectly at all times. ep tools operates a highly professional system and we maintain a digital record of service and parts to ensure that you have a consistent overview and complete documentation.

Our goal is to boost your business. Based on our expertise, we suggest that you allow us to upgrade and optimise your generator sets on a regular basis.  

Links to some of our suppliers:

Gesan     Inmesol

  • Offshore with unique monitoring

    Our offshore solutions contain a unique remote monitoring system, which allows you to edit programs and read fault codes directly from your own screen. You maintain an overview and can rest assured that you have saved on transportation, e.g. to and from an offshore wind farm.

  • Mobile power for building and construction work

    ep tools supplies fail-safe generators and offers an optional service agreement to ensure that you have a reliable power supply on your building or construction site. We supply Gesan and Inmesol generators from 1kVA to 2500 kVA.

  • UPS and emergency power supply

    Your emergency power supply has to work when everything else does not so it is worthwhile to select a full-service solution which guarantees rapid service and testing. ep tools supplies a full-service solution from installation to regular testing so that you can rest assured that your generator set will work when it has to.

  • 360° approach to your project

    We walk the extra mile to boost our clients' businesses. Read more about ep tools 360º process model here.

    Read more about our process model here.

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