Product rental

Hire equipment for as long as you need it. You avoid having to make a major investment here and now, and you stick to your budget. We rent high-quality products that are serviced and thoroughly tested.

Product rental

The ep tools product rental service gives you the chance to rent any product in the product range. You can rent the product for a short or longer period of time, e.g. for the duration of a project or just to perform a single task. When you rent or lease a product, you avoid the cost of investing in equipment here and now. You pay a fixed monthly amount, usually with a service agreement.

We aim to help boost your business and in some cases a rent or leasing agreement is the most economical solution. You stick to your budget and can assign costs directly to the individual project or task.

ep tools' exhaustive advisory services  are of course included in the rent or leasing agreement. It is also possible to rent or lease custom-designed products (depending on the scope of the agreement).

Renting a product gives the client a chance to try out a product before purchasing so that he is sure that the solution matches the task.

  • Generators

    High-quality generators from 0.6 kVA and up to 2500 kVA in a variety of designs. Serviced and fully tested.


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  • Torque tools

    High-quality hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and manual tools. Serviced and fully tested.


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  • Lifting equipment

    High-quality hydraulic cylinders, bolt pullers, industrial presses and cranes, jacks and hydraulic tools. Serviced and fully tested.


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  • Own, rent or lease

    ep tools gives you the chance to buy, rent or lease our products. We tailor an agreement to match your wishes and needs.


    We work with an external financial partner to tailor leasing agreements.

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