Torque tools

ep tools is the only company in Denmark that sells, calibrates, services and repairs both dynamic and static torque tools.
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Torque tools

ep tools is Denmark's leading supplier of torque tools. We trade in, rent out, custom-design, service and calibrate both dynamic and static torque tools. We supply tools for heavy-duty applications, for example, in the wind turbine industry, shipbuilding and steel construction sectors – and also for lighter industrial applications.

We have selected the most reliable and accurate torque tools for documented torque fitting purposes. We also supply hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic and manual tools. You can even rent torque tools from ep tools. 

A selection of our torque tools is equipped with Acradyne from Aimco, that operates as a data collector, which can recognize specific bolts, detect torques, register the user, etc. This makes it easier to structure the use and work with torque tensioning.

We have our own calibration workshop and we are the only company in Denmark that calibrates both dynamic and static torque tools. 

ep tools has its own R & D division and workshop. We have a wealth of experience in making custom-designed  torque tools and unique client-specific solutions, and we ensure that our tools meet specific requirements, e.g. for fitting in confined spaces, etc. Our custom-designed torque tools are fully documented and meet DNV and CE labelling norms and standards.

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