LHU and LHA series

Hydraulic Unit 1

In addition to the basic bolting methods (manual, automatic and torque-rotation angle), the control system can be retrofitted according to your requirements with additional modules. 

The operator controls the entire bolting process per remote control.

The visual, acoustic operator guidance is an innovation. The entire hydraulic unit is programmed in a flash using the potentiometer wheel. The large colour display simplifies input significantly. In addition to acoustic feedback, the operator is visually informed about the completion of bolting operations. This is done by the display taking on different background colours. 




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LHU Solution basic equipment

The LHU Solution unit includes as standard, with the modular Solution control system, the following functions:

Manual bolting (M)

This setting enables the user to manually initiate every stroke of the hydraulic torque wrench. The return stroke is automatic.

Automatic bolting (A)

The bolting operation is started by pressing a button, then automatically implemented and ended.

Torque-rotation angle (M+α)

The rotary knob can be used to set and confirm the joining torque and the prevailing angle.

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