LPK series, 80-12800 N·m

LPK 80 12800 1

The Pneumatic Torque Wrench


LPK series, 80-12.800 N·m


The pneumatic torque wrench is not an impact wrench. It functions without vibrations, thus protecting the user. Hand on vibration and hearing loss can be significantly reduced with the LÖSOMAT pneumatic torque wrenches. The force is transmitted quietly and precisely from just 2 bar operating pressure via the proven highperformance gear unit to the bolt connection.


Rugged pneumatic torque wrench for a wide range of environments

Because of the continuously generated overpressure in the device, the pneumatic torque wrench is particularly resistant when used in extremely dirty or dusty environments. Pressure fluctuations in the supply network are effectively compensated for by the proven LÖSOMAT maintenance unit comprising of an air filter, oiler and pressure reducers. The device is supplied with a constantly uniform airflow and the torque is constantly maintained.

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