LPK-X series, 80-4200 N·m

LPK X 80 4200 1

The LPK-X series has a 2-speed planet gear unit. The user can therefore select between rapid and torque mode. 

The rapid mode drives the bolt in up to the joining torque with a speed up to 300 rpm. It is then possible to switch to the torque mode that tightens the bolt to the precise torque required. Once the required torque has been achieved, the device switches off automatically.


If a torque wrench is not available, bolt connections are usually pretightened and then finished off with a torque wrench.

These two working steps are combined in the LPK-X, saving working time for the user. In extensive on-site applications, the assembly times can be reduced by up to 30% through the combination of two working steps in one device with the LPK-X.

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