LKV series, 4000-54000


Reinvented: The torque multiplier

LÖSOMAT has reinvented this proven tool. With a clever design and new functions, the new torque multiplier series is a great contribution to facilitating operations.


Housing and gear unit

The housing and gear unit are the innovations in this series. A new production method was created, based on nature. The housing is therefore approx. 30% lighter but still as rugged. At the same time, the ceramic-Teflon®
coating enables minimum device lubrication. While conventionally
lubricated torque multipliers decrease in performance (efficiency) when the outside temperatures are colder, due to the increasing tenacity of the grease, this unit operates independently of the temperature.


Reaction arm

The reaction arm, which must resist the counter-forces during bolting
operations, has also been completely reworked. Force distribution was
analysed using complex FEM methods. It is therefore even more stable and durable than before due to the shape and materials selected. In addition, the reaction arm is equipped with a patented hold function that prevents the gear teeth from slipping.

Non-destructive overload protection

The 40-550RS models are equipped with a nondestructive overload
safety mechanism. This patent-filed innovation represents real cost savings for the user. The basis of this extra feature is a highly-dynamic, pre-tensioned slip-coupling. As soon as the maximum permissible input torque is exceeded, the „Slipper“ triggers with a clearly audible acoustic noise. The torque multiplier is not damaged so that normal operation can be started again. This means that no assembly downtimes occur and the safety of the operator is actively supported.


Certified safety

A completely new benefit for the torque multiplier is the individual factory calibration certificate for each device. This has never been the case before.
This allows bolting operations to be implemented at a high level of torque precision. The torque tables on the devices display the standard torque for HV bolts. The tables can also be modified on request to the individual torques of the operator.


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